Communicate better, inside and outside the company, with Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a powerful platform for collaboration. But it is also an excellent tool for communicating information inside and outside corporate organizations. Why use SharePoint among the many tools that allow us to create blogs, websites, and web portals?

Simply because SharePoint is an integral part of an entire ecosystem of information processing solutions that are the basis of every production, commercial, and service activity. In other words, it is the glue and the data interface that make the factory and the office work, whether it is information addressed internally to the collaborators of a company; or content intended for an external audience of suppliers and customers.

Deciding which tools to use is the first step in a SharePoint-based communication strategy. The software provides different types of sites, for example, the “team sites” used at the departmental level, or the relatively new tool of “communication sites” available in the on-premises and online versions. You can also act at a hierarchical level, setting up hub sites that aggregate information distributed on a more local scale. The choice between team and communication site is linked to the communication activities we want to carry out.

If this is oriented towards an audience that needs certain contents to provide or modify the information in turn, the function is clearly of a collaborative nature and can be solved with a team site, more open to traditional choral work tools.

However, when it comes to proposing content, perhaps specific, but not directly operational, to provide official information or to open a showcase on a new product or service, the communication site is clearly the most appropriate choice. When creating the site you need to choose the most suitable type. The sites dedicated to specific topics (for example news from one of the company departments, a special event, and so on) and those to be used as a showcase, contain a series of predefined “parts”, which help manage content such as news or product photographs. You can also opt to open a blank communication site and choose the elements of the layout and the parts to be used later.

The same strategy can be applied when the communication is not designed only for the company intranet but must be addressed to an external circle of collaborators, suppliers, or final customers. The other issues to be addressed are the part that concerns the setting of the necessary access permissions, which SharePoint allows to modulate even at the level of the single site; and the choice between a communication site dedicated externally or the partial sharing of an information site to be shared internally.

Regardless of the knowledge of SharePoint and the Microsoft 365 universe within your organization, setting up these strategies is a complex challenge due to the impact that the contents conveyed through the Microsoft collaborative platform can have on business processes and business effectiveness. . Tackling it alone is a bet on the resources invested, the skills to be acquired and the timing of the work.

Whatever your communication needs through Microsoft SharePoint, Al Rafay Consulting (ARC) is a reliable Microsoft development firm and interdisciplinary partner, capable of giving solid guarantees on the objectives to be achieved. Please contact us!

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