Why you are going to utilize the raised spot business cards in your business?

 The formation of a memorable business card is all about making decisions that are related to your brand. When the selection of your layout, logo, material, typeface, and font is over, you have to go for its finishes.

Recently multiple printing technologies are available, and the few successful business cards use them strategically to stand out from others. Among them, the raised spot business cards are one of the better examples of this technology.


What do you understand by raised spot business cards?

The printing process of these cards is done by utilizing the special spot UV procedure where a layer of UV ink is applied to the card’s specified area to form the company’s design.

50 microns of the UV ink layer is used which is superior to the edging. This provides your cards with an alluring and catchy texture wherever they’re used.

This kind of raised ink is being utilized to withdraw the client’s attention to the design and also to the brand quite like the carving business cards. These sorts of cards are very much popular among every business and can provide a variety of ranges for those who are searching for a way to stand up in the competitive field. This format can be utilized in the formation of appointment cards as well.

The standard size of this card is 2″ x 3.5″ size and with a 16pt. durable velvet soft touch card stock to show the premium texture of it.


How will you create the framework for these business cards?


  • Make two layers to distinguish the areas printed with regular ink from the components used by the raised spot UV printing.
  1. The areas that are printed in ink should be shown by the regular CYMK coating. The components used must be genuine colors and sizes on print.
  2. The raised spot UV printing coat must show those part that is printed with the spot UV technique. The components that are printed by the means of spot UV can be in the same path of the CYMK layer.


  • Alignment is a major part of the file preparation process. Both CMYK and raised spot UV printing must have the same size. The common elements used by them must be in the same alignment for both.

What is the reason behind utilizing these Raised Spot Business Cards?

Here are the top three reasons that signify why you are going to use them: –

  • By utilizing the spot UV technique printing these cards provides your company’s logo and name with a glossy and metallic finish with a lustrous black background. Even if the design is the latest, easy printing of this technology is utilized to provide the cards with an eye-soothing appearance.


  • These raised spot UV printing technologies support the composition background of a card with an innovative cityscape design. Its edges are painted with a pop-up color that fuses with the printing method to form a memorable card.


  • These kinds of printing technologies help to create a big statement that provides a heroic and gorgeous feeling. The wonderful design of the background is a stylish alternative to the vision of low UV printing, where the background has the same color as the raised material and is not glossy but monotonous which is another way of adding more visual interest to a design.


Conclusion: –

Therefore, these are the pivotal facts of having Raised Spot Business Cards for your business. It is the most suitable and eye-catching material to draw more clients to your business.  Since now you have gone through the entire topic and get the knowledge about its pivotal significance in a business then why wait? Find a reliable printing agency as per your pocket stability and print your card now.


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