What Is The Pigment Green 7 BASF?


Pigment green 7, also known as C.I. Solvent Green 7, was developed in 1935 and is part of the group of dyes called triarylmethane dyes or triaryl sulfonium dyes. The chemical structure consists of two aromatic rings attached to the central nitrogen atom by two methylene bridges. It has the appearance of a red powder and can be used to dye both cellulose fibres and cotton fibres as well as other natural fibres including jute, hemp, linen, ramie, and rayon.

Understanding Pigments.

Any substance, natural or synthetic, that imparts colour to a material, typically in a solid-state. For example, titanium dioxide (TiO2) adds white colour to paints and enamels. A dye added to a Pigment Green 7 molecule results in a new chemical entity called a pigment. Examples of pigment green 7 are found in many common items including sunscreen lotions, printer ink and crayons. The specific effects of pigments vary depending on their chemical composition; for example, an iron oxide red pigment may be more opaque than an iron oxide yellow pigment because its particles are larger. In addition, some pigments require a binder to adhere to surfaces while others do not. In many cases, pigments serve as intermediates between raw materials and finished products such as paint or plastic. They can also help protect surfaces from weathering.

The Role Of Synthetic Chemistry In Creating Pigment.

To understand pigment, we must first look at colour itself. Our eyes are sensitive to wavelengths of light in what is known as visible light. The primary colours red, blue and green combine to create all other colours our eyes see, which explains why we use RGB monitors and screens when working with digital colours. So what determines whether a wavelength is seen as red or blue or whatever another colour? That question leads us into another realm: chemistry. In chemistry terms, what we’re talking about here are atoms and their electrons. Each atom has one electron that it gives up easily (this is called an outer shell electron) but holds on tightly to its inner shell electrons. When an outer shell electron becomes involved in a chemical reaction, it can become excited—it moves from its normal position in space to an excited state where it then returns down to its normal state. This movement up and down results in energy that we can see as different wavelengths of light—colours! For example, if you shine ultraviolet light on certain molecules they will absorb that energy and become excited. When they return down to their original state they give off the light again but now at lower energies—visible colours!

Pigment Green 7 (Cas# 12185-67-7)

Manufacturers have discovered a wide range of chemical pigment uses over time. This colourant, in particular, falls into what is known as a Disazo category, which means it will result in chemical reactions when combined with other pigments. For that reason, you should never mix or blend these pigment types; doing so could disrupt colour balances and mixtures made by other manufacturers or professionals. For that reason, consumers need to read both ingredient lists and colour charts carefully before purchasing pigment products at their local arts and crafts retailer or online stores. The Pigment Green 7 comes from BASF (Germany) and has an average particle size of 25 nm. The CAS number for Pigment Green 7 is 12185-67-7.

How To Buy Pigment Green 7?

Pigment Green 7 (PG7) is a pigment that falls into inorganic compounds. It has a good resistance to weathering and fading, which makes it suitable for outdoor advertising signs as well as building and construction. If you’re thinking of buying Pigment Green 7, you can simply send us an inquiry online for free, or if you want to know more about it, you can view our product details. Welcome to place orders with our company. We are looking forward to your cooperation!  With us, you will find top quality products at competitive prices. You will enjoy excellent service when you choose to do business with us leading pigment green 7 manufacturer. We have exported goods all over the world and have established long-term stable relationships of cooperation with customers from Germany, Spain, the US, Russia and other countries. The quality guarantee we have been committed to providing high-quality products for years.

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