Swimming For Senior Adults, The Best Exercise

If throughout life it is essential to exercise, during adulthood it becomes essential, which is why swimming for older adults is the best exercise, as it will help maintain a better quality of life by being active, with vitality and movement.

And it is that as adults, over the years, our skills or abilities are diminishing, making us prone to accidents or falls that affect and reduce self-esteem and the desire to integrate into daily and social activities.

Speaking of percentages, between 80% and 90% of hip fractures in older adults are due to falls. One in three older people suffer from them in the course of a year, so it is normal that, out of fear, they restrict their activity and thus drastically reduce their quality of life.

One of the best ways to delay or reduce this decline is exercise. The problem is that the same age makes us feel that we can no longer exercise for fear of injuring ourselves, putting ourselves at risk due to movements.

For these reasons and in any case, swimming is the IDEAL exercise, particularly for older adults, since water is the perfect medium to move, exercise with the least risk, with greater effectiveness the skills and abilities that begin to diminish in the older adult with Lifeguard Training.

The most recognized benefits of swimming for older adults are:

  1. Exercise and mobilization without the risk of injuring joints (knees, shoulders, hips): water is a medium with a sensation of weightlessness, this means that your weight is less in the water, which allows you to move joints and easily exercise your muscles, mainly the “lagging muscles” – those muscles that you can no longer exercise out of the water or you injure yourself if you exercise them – without hurting yourself. Thanks to this weightlessness, there is no pressure on the joints, so you can load your body more easily and perform movements that are difficult or impossible to perform outside the water and can injure you.
  2. Helps the cardiovascular and respiratory condition and strengthens your immune system: adaptation to physical effort is favored by the resistance that the pressure of the water exerts against the expansion of the rib cage to inspire or to develop the heartbeat, so that performing any physical effort underwater is an extra training for these respiratory and circulatory systems.
  3. Improve your muscle tone: exercises and movements in the water are uniquely adaptable to each person and at each moment. The fact that water is denser than air means that each movement is enhanced in its effectiveness. These exercises facilitate your autonomy, so you will be able to move with greater independence.
  4. Strengthens your back muscles, promoting better posture: the aquatic environment more profusely stimulates the vast network of feedback circuits that are integrated into the subcortical, cortical and peripheral motor control circuit to regulate posture.
  5. Swimming strengthens your safety and self-esteem: considering that the reduction or loss of some abilities negatively affect safety and self-esteem, the simple fact of returning to an environment where you can move safely and rejoin daily activities with a more vital body, strengthens such security and self-esteem.
  6. Swimming relaxes you!!: the aquatic environment allows you to assist and resist certain exercises according to purposes to relax and strengthen certain muscle groups.
  7. Swimming entertains you and makes you happier: when swimming you produce endorphins, which generate a feeling of happiness coupled with the pleasant sensation of a different environment with a pleasant temperature. In addition, it allows you a space to socialize and meet other people.
  8. And especially in this time of pandemic: water is safe as the virus is harmless when it has the correct levels of chlorine.

So, beyond the physical health benefits when an older adult nothing improves their balance, their physical safety, elasticity and muscle strength, directly affecting their self-esteem and their ability to socialize.

Swimming is the best sport!

At we know that swimming is the best sport! at any age. And especially in our senior swim program we provide an ideal space by being submerged in water with a temperature of 32ºC, which you rarely find elsewhere. In addition, we have different types of classes according to your objective:

    Learning to swim: from adaptation, aquatic safety, mastery of basic skills and the four styles: front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

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