The Different Types Of Pilates And Their Different Exercising Methods


The reformer Pilates is a sequence of exercises that are low in their impact but are very impactful as far as your body parts are concerned. They help to flatten and tone up the middle portion of your body. Apart from that, your spine becomes stronger and works more efficiently.

The Method Of Delivering Pilates Classes

Reformer Pilates is offered in two ways. One is on the mats, and the other is on the machine itself. Till very recently, Pilates classes were conducted on mats in most countries. But very recently, a new reformer machine has made its way into the market. It is gradually picking up and becoming popular with gym-goers. The newer version is very good for people getting back from injuries. In fact, it is better than the mat version offered. It also helps those who want to concentrate on their core muscles.

If you are a beginner,  reformer Pilates on the mat is the best option. It will do you well to learn the basics before going in for the advanced form.

Different Types Of Pilates

There are two different types of reformer Pilates. One is done on the mat, and the other is done on the reformer machine. It was first invented by the athlete Joseph Pilates many decades back during the First World War. It was invented to help his colleagues rehabilitate from their injuries. The machine as it was invented is still in use today but in surroundings that are much better. Although the old system is still retained, many changes and modifications have been made to the contemporary one.

Since Pilates are confusing for beginners, it is best to understand which method to choose. For that, you must first understand the basic differences. Only then you will distinguish between the benefits and which one you should use. So it is mat Pilates vs the reformer Pilates. Which one to choose is the million-dollar question here?

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a chain of exercises that help you to build your strength and tone your muscles. Pilates help the entire body exercise, but it mainly concentrates on your body’s core and specifically targets that region. It also augments balance and the mobility of your body parts to work and perform in perfect harmony.

It helps both the body parts to work in optimum condition. It helps the spine become stronger, and people recovering from a back injury would immensely benefit from it. No wonder it is called a powerhouse of exercises.

The Exercises Done On The Mat Pilates

The mat Pilates are a series of exercises like the hundred, swan-dive, teaser, single leg circle, roll-up, seal, crab and roll-over. They performed when in closeness with the ground. Thus their movements are very smooth, like butter and the movements are very easy on the joints of the body. And as it is easier on the body, any age group, including the elderly, can do it.

The Exercises Done On The Reformer Pilates

The reformer Pilates is done on a board-like machine that employs springs, gears, straps and ropes that will provide the stiff resistance that is the essence of the machine. That will provide strength and build the muscles thereby. This exertion on the body is what is most needed here. The focus of this exercise is to strengthen the core, glutes, and thigs. It also focuses on enhancing the flexibility and balance in the body.

The exercise performed with the help of the reformer Pilates is the same as the mat Pilates. The only difference here is the added tension or the resistance provided by the machine. Both Pilates help breathing mechanisms, making them stronger and enhanced. It exercises your ribs and your pelvic girdle.


Reformer Pilates will help your body work out faster and tone up less time than the mat Pilates. Yet you cannot compare the two to judge which is the better version. You require the mat version first to upgrade to the reformer version. So the two are interdependent.


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