WOW! Internet Pricing Plans – Here’s What You Need to Know

Wide Open West, also known as WOW! Internet is one of the most high-coverage yet affordable ISPs in the United States. Offering a wide range of high-speed internet plans to various states, WOW! has had major footprints in the Southeast and Midwest for nearly 2.5 decades.

Currently, the ISP enjoys being the favorite provider of over 840,000 subscribers in nine states – delivering high-speed fiber, DSL, and cable internet to the users.  However, the internet is not the only service offered by WOW! – it features a wide range of cable TV, and home phone plans as well, making it an ideal service suite for most households and businesses.

WOW! aims to provide high-quality internet to its users regardless of the region they are located in. Therefore, WOW!’s network signals are transmitted via a specific fiber-optic infrastructure along with the last mile tech which is covered through coaxial cable lines for extreme network stability.

Now, before we get into more details, let’s take a look at WOW!’s internet pricing bundles and plans – it will provide you with a broader understanding of the ISP’s features, specifications, and rates. Let’s get started!

WOW! Internet Plans

WOW! internet provides you with super-economical pricing plans that cater to your everyday downloading, browsing, and gaming needs.

Here are some of the most popular plans by the provider – let’s take a look!

Plan Max. Download Speed Price Whole-Home Wi-Fi (Optional)
Internet 100 100 Mbps $24.99/mo.* $9.99/mo.
Internet 200 200 Mbps $39.99/mo.* $9.99/mo.
Internet 500 500 Mbps $49.99/mo.* $9.99/mo.
Internet 1 GIG 1000 Mbps $64.99/mo.* $9.99/mo.

*In select markets. For twelve months with paperless billing and auto-pay. Speed and equipment availability may differ by area.

How Can I Select the Best WOW! Internet Plan for Myself?

WOW! internet provides a wide range of internet plans to its users, according to their specifications, features, and pricing ranges. So, you need to conduct slight research beforehand to select the most ideal plan for your household.

For example, if you have a small-sized family or have 3-4 members at home, then the 100 Mbps plan can be the perfect fit for you. It will allow you to browse the web, scroll through your social media accounts and enjoy light downloading, streaming, and gaming on the go. So, you will not have to struggle much to maintain network stability around the clock. Once you place the router in a suitable location, you will be good to use the internet seamlessly all day long.

However, if your family consists of frequent gamers or streamers, then we recommend you opt for the 200 Mbps internet plan – it offers comparatively higher speed and much more network stability than the 100 Mbps plan.  So, you can be sure of not experiencing any technical glitches during any time of the day.

Just in case you have a mid-sized or larger family where many members study or work online, then you need to opt for WOW!’s 500 Mbps or 1 Gbps plan. These plans not only offer higher speeds but also provide you with a pretty generous amount of data to stay connected without excessive lag. Also, it is an ideal fit for smart homes where tons of devices are connected to the in-home Wi-Fi at a single time.

Although we have mentioned all the major details about WOW!’s internet plans in the above paragraph, if you still have trouble selecting an internet plan for yourself, then call 1-844-343-1373 and speak to a WOW! representative for expert advice.

WOW! Bundles

WOW! allows you to bundle up your internet services with high-coverage cable TV and home phone plans for an ideal user experience.

So, whether you are looking for DSL, Fiber internet, or Cable internet plans, you will be more than pleased to hear that the prices are starting from $69 per month only. How cool is that?

Currently, WOW! mainly offers two types of bundles in different regions across the state – Triple Play and Double Play. Let’s take a look at their specifications.

WOW! Triple Play (TV + Internet + Phone) Bundles

Bundles Max. No. of Channels Max. Download Speed Home


PACKAGE 1 130+ 200 Mbps Yes $129.98/mo.*
PACKAGE 2 130+ 500 Mbps Yes $139.98/mo.*
PACKAGE 3 160+ 1 Gbps Yes $164.98/mo.*

*In select markets. For twelve months with paperless billing and auto-pay. Speed and equipment availability may differ by area.


WOW! Double Play (TV + Internet) Bundles

Bundles Max. No. of Channels Max. Download Speed Price

Small TV +



80+ with Free HD


200 Mbps




Medium TV +



130+ with Free HD


200 Mbps




Large TV +



160+ with Free HD


500 Mbps



*In select markets. For twelve months with paperless billing and auto-pay. Speed and equipment availability may differ by area.


WOW! Internet Deals

WOW! is one of the best ISPs in the US when it comes to providing internet, TV, and phone deals at reasonable rates. It not only allows you to save those extra bucks each month but also provides you with flawless connectivity around the clock.

Here’s a quick glimpse of what’s included in WOW! monthly deals. Let’s take a look!

Deals Max. Download Speed WHOLE-HOME WI-FI Promo Price



200 Mbps








500 Mbps








1 Gbps





*In select markets. For twelve months with paperless billing and auto-pay. Speed and equipment availability may differ by area.


Secure in-Home Wi-Fi

Internet security is surely one of the major concerns when switching to a new ISP. After all, one can never afford to have an unprotected internet connection at home/workplace, and that too in an era that’s full of cyber-threats, scams and phishing attacks, etc. Isn’t it?

Well, the good news is that WOW! internet truly understands your security concerns. Therefore, it provides you with in-built anti-virus software, anti-hacking services, and anti-popup which prevents all types of hacking attempts and malware from entering your system. Not only that, but the ISP is in official partnership with F-Secure, which updates its security suite regularly to maintain the user’s overall network security.

Isn’t that wonderful?

The WOW! Gateway

In order to deliver better internet security, WOW! provides you with a reliable 2-in-1 gateway device at the time of subscription. This advanced, high-end modem adds an extra layer of security to your internet connection by equipping you with in-built security tools. It helps to enhance your data privacy and protection.

Also, WOW!’s online app makes it even easier to access your Wi-Fi network and security settings on the go. It allows you to connect several devices with your internet connection without having to worry about online security, network speed, and privacy.

Is WOW! Available in Your Area?

WOW! internet is currently accessible in nineteen markets, across nine states in the US. Needless to mention, that’s limited coverage as compared to many of the other nationwide providers. However, one thing is for sure – the limited number of subscribers allows the ISP to focus more on its network quality and customer services. So, it’s a win-win situation for its subscribers.

WOW! internet connection is available in tons of urban and suburban areas across the US – however, to check the availability of the provider in your area, you need to reach out to its official website and search for your ZIP code. Or, you can simply call at 1-844-343-1373 and send your query to WOW!’s customer services representative.

For now, we have come up with a list of all the states they are covering at the moment. Let’s take a look!

State Number of Subscribers Cities




Ohio 1,521,373 Cleveland, Columbus 1,000 Mbps
South Carolina 260,525 Charleston 1,000 Mbps
Tennessee 139,600 Knoxville 1,000 Mbps
Michigan 1,872,510 Detroit, Mid-Michigan 1,000 Mbps
Illinois 1,604,922 Chicago, Chicagoland 1,000 Mbps
Indiana 317,809 Evansville 1,000 Mbps
Georgia 389,362 Augusta, Columbus, Fort Gordon, Newnan 1,000 Mbps
Alabama 624,373 Auburn, Dothan, Huntsville, Montgomery, Valley 1,000 Mbps
Florida 804,094 Panama City, Pinellas 1,000 Mbps


WOW!’s Customer Services

WOW! facilitates its users with highly-responsive customer services – its representatives are available 24/7 for your service to cater to all types of queries regarding your subscription.

If you wish to speak to WOW!’s customer services agent, simply dial 1-844-343-1373 now, and get prompt responses for all your concerns related to network management, package upgrades, troubleshooting solutions, and more.

Just in case you are looking for some technical help related to your modem or equipment, please dial 1-855-349-9313 and connect with its tech experts.

In a Nutshell

That’s pretty much from our side, folks. We hope you enjoyed learning about the features, specifications, and pricing plans of WOW! internet.

If you wish to know more about WOW! TV and internet plans, bundles, or deals, please reach out to WOW!’s official site. Or connect with its official customer services representative at any time of the day.

Do not forget to comment below and let us know if you want to know anything else about the ISP. Happy browsing!

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