How to improve your fate with astrology? Some remedies for you to follow


There is a belief among many people that all the bad things that happen in life result from the placement of planets in the birth/horoscope chart. In light of this, we wonder how God gave us life and why some are born into families where life is miserable while others are born into wealthy families.


Many people blame astrology and weak or negative planets as a cause of their problems, while many boast about positive and strong planets. So we reached out to the Top astrologer in Delhi and discovered many myths. This blog will talk about how horoscopes can be bad or good and share some remedies if the horoscope is bad. Let’s begin.


Remedies to Combat Bad Horoscopes


In reality, neither a good nor a bad horoscope exists; each horoscope comprises positive and negative planets position combinations. Initially, one should understand and judge the strength of a planet because negative planets with lower energies usually cause little or no harm.


Similarly, a good/positive planet having lower energy will not necessarily produce good results. Even so, if someone has concerns about a bad horoscope, we’ll explain what to do. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the horoscope won’t affect you anymore because a person may be unable to follow the remedies despite their best intentions. This is a turning phase in most people’s lives.


The reason for this is a low Ascendant, Moon (your mind), and the impact of other planets that can influence your actions. There are simple steps that many can follow to avoid such arguments:


  • First, put the horoscope aside and or what the birth chart shows. Only trust the Top Astrologer in Delhi and never cause harm to anyone around you, whether it’s your workplace, family, friends, etc.
  • Don’t be a vengeful person, be forgiving, and don’t act in ways you wouldn’t want others to act. If you feel one of your habits is causing harm to others, do your best to eliminate it.
  • Regardless of what god you worship, fast for a day, or eat only vegetarian food that day. If one worships Lord Shiva (Monday), Hanuman (Tuesday), and for Lord Ganesha (Wednesdays), similarly, for every God, certain days are considered auspicious in Hindu mythology.
  • Whichever God you worship, learn about them and pick up a good habit from them. Plus, it is essential to treat elders with respect, no matter who they are.
  • Stay away from mass trends and do not try to copy others but learn from those in a better position than you. You’ll learn something beneficial from them.
  • If a conflict is inevitable, it is better to get out than get caught up in it. Plus, avoid making unnecessary donations, put gemstones on the fingers to appease God, or calm any planet as one never knows if it has already been exalted.


What is preached is easy to say but hard to practice. But that’s what the Karma theory states. As per the Best astrologer in Delhi, these are some common tips one should follow, and if you can’t follow such advice, you won’t receive any benefit even from any consultation.


The bottom line is:

  • Your horoscope reflects your past life(s).
  • Your destiny depends on the negotiations of the karmas in this life.
  • Your afterlife is based on what you choose to do today.

Reducing Planets’ Negative Effects

The negative Doshas or imperfections in someone’s horoscopes do not mean that person is cursed. On the contrary, these imperfections can be a source of strength. Their most feared doshas can rescue them from difficult situations. The below-mentioned points can assist you in understanding this.


  • Doshas cannot only be attributed to a person’s horoscope. There is some negative influence in each horoscope, and it is the individual’s responsibility to deal with that influence.
  • A Top astrologer in Delhi can easily spot any negative yogas or Doshas in a person’s horoscope and recommend remedies.
  • Those who have negative yogas in their horoscope should realise that the planet’s negative effect can be rectified through good deeds (positive karmas).
  • A person’s past life deeds determine their present horoscope. They can rectify their damaged karma and eventually change their lifestyle by doing good deeds.
  • As per Brahma’s Karma Law, if someone has done anything terrible and tries to suppress their negative Doshas using remedial measures, despite their success, the negativity can emerge even worse in the future. Take a simple example: not respecting your elders but donating to the Pitra Paksha won’t cure the Pitra Dosha.


Final Thoughts


Hopefully, this blog helped you discover the insights of improving fate with astrology. The facts and remedies presented to you are authenticated by the Best Astrologer in Delhi and are effective in improving your destiny.



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