Your Organization Needs Cyberattack Testing and Here Is Why?

Cyberattacks are becoming norm these days. While it is hard to eliminate the cyber-attacks organization can take steps to make sure their network security is doing great in this regard. If your company hasn’t faced any cyberattack then don’t assume that it wouldn’t. Attackers don’t care about the size of the business and they will do their thing to steal any information they can use for their malicious activities. To make sure your organizational network security is strong enough, you should go for cyberattack testing.

This is a great way to learn about the flaws, vulnerabilities and strength of your network. It helps the organization to understand and prioritize the risks and eradicate them accordingly. If you haven’t conducted any hacking simulation tests such as red teaming simulation then this is the time. Here is why it is important for your organization.

Discovers Vulnerabilities Before Attacks

There isn’t a single organization on this earth that can claim that they have the most secure network security system. They may have advance systems, multi-layered security system but as a whole, it can be a great system but not a perfect one. This will happen to you as well. Your system will have security vulnerabilities as well that you may not know about.

To avoid any serious consequences that your organization may face with the cyberattacks, you should learn about the security flaws within your system. The best possible way is to go for the cyberattack simulation testing. They can perform a real-life hacker attack minus the real-world hackers. Instead, they hire ethical hackers who will perform the whole task. You can find out how sooner or easier the hacker infiltrates your system and how vulnerable your system is for a hacking attack.

Setup Detailed and Proven Security Measures

Another major benefit of adversary simulation is that it will uncover any hidden security weaknesses in your systems, devices, data and application. The simulation  testing report will show you the areas where same kind of security flaws occurred during their tests such as checking any strange emails, and easy to guess passwords, easy to gain access to sensitive data, lame or old coding techniques, etc.). You can then establish any methods to eliminate them from your side.

Once you implemented this security measured then they will become a regular part of internal security policy and procedures. However, once you implemented any security measures after the simulation tests then they will be as new as your last test. If you want to make any serious changes to your systems, apps and devices then you will need to perform another cyberattack testing because within the time, you may have introduced new security vulnerabilities to your system.

Saves You Money

Need to know more about adversary simulation importance? a major drawback of single cyber-attack is that it can cost you a lot if you want to recover. The average cost for single data breach can be nearly 180$ so loosing 20,000 records means it will cost you around $4 million. And it is just the beginning. You can face heavy charges if you aren’t fulfilling any compliance with the regulation or standards of the industry.

If you are dealing with the sensitive customer information such as credit card numbers, social security number and bank account information then you will be get sued. Not only just that, if your company is found to be negligent towards this then you will not only have to pay legal charges but you will also have to pay a significant amount as settlement as well.

But the major problem is, when you will be facing the cyber-attack then you cannot earn anything during the time. At least 18hours should be required to recover from the loss. Going for red teaming simulation would be a greater way to avoid such horrible scenario because it can take three days, week or months to recovers depending on the range of cyberattacks.

Every minute of recovery would be loss to your business. Routine cyberattack testing will help you to avoid these kinds of incidents. Because it can be helpful in finding the security flaws and problem with your network configuration, firewall, software updates and more.

Prevent Loss of Trust and Reputation

Cyberattacks can cost huge in terms of finance but what you don’t know is that they can also cost you in other way possible, such as your reputation. Unlike financial loss that is hard to recover but recoverable, reputation loss is something that is impossible in this scenario. Reputation loss is greater if the cyber-attack gets succeeded. The loss of important business data and customer data can cause rage among your existing customers and they will immediately leave you.

Even if you managed to get on surface once again, it will be double or even four time harder for you to win the customer trust. If you already have a significant number of customer ship then you should conduct cyberattack testing to make sure your network security is strong enough and on top of the line.

Prioritizes Risks and Remediation

Cyberattack simulation is a great way to lean about the vulnerabilities of system areas of your systems, applications, devices, and data. You can use the results of the simulation test to determine which vulnerability should be remediated first.

Prioritizing risk according to its severity that what would be their impact if they could exploit is greatly helpful to understand complexity of remediation as well. You cyberattack testers will review with you the results of the test, and will recommend you the best remediation complexity.

Bottom Line

You cannot put the security of your organizational network on risk. DDos attacks or other cyber security threats are a common risk for your network security. You should prepare for any cyber-attacks from the start so that you don’t have to face any data breach and other losses due to data breach. Contact the professional hacking simulation testers to run a real-life simulation so you and your employees will get the better idea how an attack looks like.

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