Reasons to look for cheap iPhone XS Max deals

 The iPhone XS and the XS Max are still considered as great phones. Released in September of 2018, it boasts an OLED 6.5 inch screen and the powerful A12 Bionic chip. It’s a mammoth of an Apple smartphone that boosts a 6.5 inch display and is kind of like the bigger version of the iPhone XS. The release price for the 64GB was $1,099/ £1,099 and the price jumped with higher storage capacity. It’s the same with every lineup – Apple has stopped the production of the iPhone XS lineup. Hence, the phones are now sold by third party sellers. If you’re looking for cheap iPhone XS Max deals, you can opt for refurbished models online.

Is the iPhone XS Max still worth in 2022?

Just because the manufacturer doesn’t make them anymore, doesn’t mean they’re obsolete. The iPhone XS Max is powerful, flagship, and the most unique thing about it is its size. Apple has never launched a smartphone as large as the XS Max. If you compare it with the latest iPhone 13, it’s true that you won’t get the magic of the triple camera. But considering the price difference, it’s safe to say the device is still worthy. Here are all the noteworthy reasons for you to go after cheap iPhone XS Max deals:

  1. Premium form factor

Apple redefined the word ‘premium’ with the release of iPhone XS Max in 2018. Super Retina OLED, the powerful A12 Bionic, high pixel density and most importantly the stainless steel frame. Apple has upgraded from the common aluminium frames to the stainless steel frame which many users will find interesting. The wide TrueDepth camera array might feel uncanny for a while if you’re upgrading from iPhones released before 2017, but you’ll get used to it. Place it next to your colleague’s iPhone and see how big it is and don’t worry, Apple haven’t inflated the screen size until the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

It’s true that the XS Max is large and heavy. If 208g feels like a lot to you, remember that the iPhone 8 Plus was 202g. If you have been an iPhone 8 Plus user, you won’t feel much difference in weight.

  1. Screen resolution

With a bigger screen size, Apple has also upgraded its screen resolution so that the screen doesn’t fall short in terms of sharpness. The iPhone XS Max comes with a marvelous Super Retina OLED 1242 x 2688 display with a pixel density of 458 pixels per inch. The OLED technology is meant to perform better than Retina IPS LCD under bright sunlight. Apple has made a name due the quality of their displays. Playing racing games and watching movies or videos is always a pleasant experience on the mega 6.5 inch display.

  1. A new camera technology

Get introduced to depth-of-field photo editing with the iPhone XS Max. You’ll be amazed to find out the results of the bokeh effect. The pictures appear as if they were taken by a high end camera. The portrait mode lets you add or take off the amount of background blur by sliding left and right. But you might ask how it is useful. Sometimes, the background was your intended subject but the camera focus was shifted to something else. You can simply change the perception by adjusting the blur. Although this feature is pretty common on other android smartphones today, its presence adds to the overall value.

  1. Larger storage capacity

If the smaller storage capacities of iPhones were making it hard for you to purchase one, the XS Max will make things easier. IPhones released in 2018 mostly came with 64, 256, and 512 GB versions, so now there’s a suitable storage for all kinds of consumers. To get your hands on a cheap 512GB version, look for cheap iPhone XS Max deals on the internet. If you’re a passionate mobile photographer, the 256GB or the 512GB will definitely serve you greatly.


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