The Reasons That Make Full Stack Development Important

What is full stack development?

Full stack development refers to the development of both front-end (client side) and back-end (server side) parts of a web application. Full stack web developers have the skills to design a complete web application or a website. They take care of the frontend, backend, database, and debugging of the web applications and websites.

6 reasons why full stack development is important

Full stack developers are the most sought-out in IT worldwide. Quite a number of aspirants in the world of coding are considering a career in this field. There must be a list of valuable reasons for them to excel in full stack development in their career path. The reasons are listed and explained in the following points.

  1. Versatility

A full stack developer is equipped with the complete knowledge needed for developing a fully functional web application. They know the back end (server end) and front end (client end) work which is why they need no extra help unless the job is very perplexing. Therefore, learning full stack development makes you a valuable candidate in the IT world.

  1. Full stack development is in high demand

The US Bureau of Labor and Statistics has stated the number of full stack development jobs will increase by 27% by 2024. Hence, it’s high time for aspiring programmers to upgrade to full stack developers. Full stack developers are becoming more valuable for projects across several types of industries. It is estimated that the first half of the current decade will add about 5 million developers.

  1. It includes the use of several languages

The number of programming languages is on the rise but some underlying principles remain the same. Full stack developers usually use multiple programming languages together to get the best results. Hence, a full stack developer-to-be needs to learn HTML, CSS, NodeJS, ExpressJs, Python, and C#, among various others. The more programming languages one is skilled in, the more efficient they’ll be.

A front-end or back-end developer can become a full stack developer by learning more coding languages. Ordinary developers can attend a JavaScript training to enhance their list of skills and the certificate will boost their profile. Excelling in programming language grammar is an advantage for developers.

  1. The idea of Full stack development was introduced in 2008

Randy Schmidt, the managing director of Burns & McDonnell Terminals and Pipelines was the first to use the term “full stack”. He used the term to tag the web developers who were adept at design, styling, markup, and programming. The term is now pretty common in the coding world but everyone has a slightly different definition.

  1. The definition of Full Stack varies

As told in the previous subsection, the definition of full stack varies, which is why it has become a controversial subject. It’s actually subjective – How much knowledge does someone need? What skills in the back end and front end do a particular employer is desiring? The answer may vary between organizations, developers, and geographical locations. Although, the most basic definition of full stack development includes both front-end and back-end work.

  1. Full stack coding is highly regarded

In most cases, two coders are hired to take care of the two parts of computer programming. But a full stack coder is capable to do take over the two kinds of duties performed by these two coders. Possessing skills in both areas enables developers to get jobs with a better salary. Hiring a developer who is capable to work both the front and back end is also economic for the organizations.

How to become a successful full stack developer?

To be labeled as a full stack developer, you need to learn the languages and skills that are trending in your region. In other words, you should have the knowledge your target companies are looking for. For instance, a front-end developer will have to learn common development languages. On the other hand, JavaScript is very useful for back-end development and can be used to add interactivity to front-end applications. It’s also helpful in making complex animations and feature-rich web applications.

You can take part in coding internships and training from reputed institutions to get a certificate that acts as proof that you have the requisite knowledge.

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