The Ultimate Carport Guide For 2022

Your car is your pride and delight. After selecting it from the dealer, you swear you won’t have a scratch until you sell it. However, the only problem with your situation is that you don’t know where to keep the vehicle? You don’t have a garage or even a single car carport at home. You only have a flat concrete road for parking.


For this reason, carport season is approaching, and buying a carport is a great idea for anyone looking to protect their vehicle from the harsh elements. If you’ve decided that you’re ready to invest in a car park, your next action is to consider the different sorts of carports and which one is right for you. There are many companies and firms that offer a wide range of enclosed garages and carports in different sizes, colors, and materials. Keep reading to uncover which carport or garage will best suit your requirements!


There are dozens of different kinds of carports available in the market. There is a carport available for every situation, from semi-permanent structures to fixed or collapsible units. Whether you need to install a portable single car carport in your home or you want to fix it permanently, we’ve got something in this review to meet your needs.

What Is A Carport?


Before digging into carport types, let’s first briefly know the definition of a carport. Usually, carports have two walls. However, they can be wall-mounted or free-standing. These canopies have one purpose: to protect cars. The best thing is that carports can be installed alongside your existing enclosed garage.



This helps protect your two cars. Some carports are spacious enough to accommodate two vehicles. More importantly, it saves money and provides almost the same level of security for your car as a traditional garage.


Types Of Carports


Listed down are some different sorts of carports. Read along to know what sort of carport will fit the best for you.


  • Single Car Carports


Single carports or single-width carports are metal stadiums designed to cover cars, trucks, boats, or recreational vehicles. For the most part, most car roof manufacturers in the United States refer to their standard 12-inch wide unit as a single-car shelter. While these units start at 12′ wide, you can build a carport as narrow as 8″, as wide as 17′, and for as long as you need.

  • Double Metal Carports


Double carports or double-wide carports are metal roofs designed to cover two cars, trucks, or other vehicles. Typically, most U.S. automakers refer to their standard 18′ wide to 24′ wide units as double car carports. While these units start at 18′ wide but go for 22′ x 24′ wide units for two cars as they offer ample space to get in and out of the vehicle. An 18ft wide unit has just enough room for two smaller cars, and it should probably acclimate your current shelter needs, but look into possible advancements to your vehicle in the future.

  • Triple Wide Carports


Triple-wide carports are shelters that hold up to three cars, trucks, or other vehicles. You can call these types of carports- 3 car carports with storage. Typically, most carport manufacturers in the United States refer to their standard 26′ to 30′ wide units as triple-wide vehicle outlets. While these units start at 26′ wide, they still go for 30′ wide units for up to three cars as they offer ample space to get in and out of the vehicle. A 26-foot wide unit has room for just three compact cars, and it may accommodate your current accommodation needs. But we also recommend looking at possible upgrades to your vehicles.

  • Utility Carports/ Combo Carports


Utility Carports are carports designed to cover cars, trucks, or other vehicles. They incorporate a storage room built into one unit. Generally, most carport manufacturers in the United States refer to these units as utility carports, storage carports, or combined carports. They are available in widths from 12′ wide to 24′ wide. While these units are typically 5-10 feet deep with a small garage door, you can build attachments and car roof sections as long as you want. The recommended length for an open shelter like a carport is at least 20′ long to accommodate the length of most cars.


Types of Roofs


There is another factor that affects our choices. And this factor is the type of roofs of the carports. Carport roofs change a lot. So, let’s see how many kinds of roofs we have.


  • Regular Style Carports


The conventional car shelter features the most economical of the three roof systems mentioned in this blog. The roof transmits to the foot with a radius of curvature. They are popular because they are the cheapest units. Inexpensive garages, metal single and double garages, RV garages, boat sheds, and uses these cost-effective regular style roofs.

  • Boxed Eave Carports


A-Frame Boxed Eave Carports features the midline of the three roof systems mentioned in this article. The roof goes over the legs with solder pins. They are popular because of their A-Frame styling and look more expensive than conventional convertibles. They are commonly used for car parks, single and double stadiums, boat storage, some RV parking, and a valuable complex.

  • Vertical Roof A-Frame Carports


The AFrame vertical roof garages are the top end of the three roof systems. The roof goes over the legs with welded pins. The ribbed ridges of the roof panels are oriented vertically, or top to bottom, like the metal roofing of a house. They are popular because they have an AFrame style, allowing water, snow, and other debris to escape from the roof much more easily than the other two models, making them a more durable roof system. They look more expensive than regular ones. Additionally, they have a steel frame to support vertical roof panels, ridge cap trim at the roof’s apex, and a more in-depth trim on the sides and ends. One car shelter, double or 2carports for recreational vehicle storage, larger metal shelters, and combo carports or carports with storage buildings use this roof system.


Wrapping Up


Gaining complete knowledge of carports that most firms and companies offers can be fun and exciting, but the real query is, where can you get these single car carports installed from? If you browse the website, you will find hundreds and thousands of companies that offer to park by installing the desired carports or enclosed garage. But how does Cardinal Carports outweigh others? Well, it is because of our experience and expertise. At Cardinal Carports, we have the right combination of experience and expertise. It doesn’t matter if you want us to install car shelters at your level, on a clear job site, or you want us to build one for you. We will do it all for you. You just need to tell us the purpose and scope because the rest is up to us. Cardinal Carports experts also guide you and help you make the right decision. We’ll recommend what’s best for you, depending on where you live. So why wait? Connect to our website now!

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