Top 10 Best Mobile Associate Systems in 2022

Are you looking to increase your ROI on investment through mobile ads? These are the most renowned mobile affiliate networks that you could look into. Mobile affiliates are channels to provide businesses with solutions, serving as an intermediary between the advertisers using the web mobile and affiliates. They are also called publishers. Mobile affiliates work using a variety of models of payment. Cattle Record Keeping Apps and virtual truck customization app and website are examples of it.

CPA (Cost per action) is one of these models that rewards advertisers whenever customers compete for goals, such as app installation subscription, purchase, or purchasing a product or service. Another popular payment method is the Revenue Sharing Model, which means paying out an amount of the revenue generated by affiliates to advertising firms as an advertiser or media buyer, also known as affiliates, should select a payment method that maximizes your earnings as generating significant traffic.

CPA is a perfect example of this. However, it’s not the only solution. You can also purchase traffic and optimize it to make arbitrage in price and the value gained through CPA deals. Say, you should choose the ideal mobile affiliate program that can allow your business to grow and also maximize the return on investment. Our review compiled some of the most effective mobile affiliate networks that you should look into.

1. Amazon Mobile Associates.


Naturally, it may be the best option you will find on the market. This allows all the companies to make money from their apps if they are sold through Amazon Marketplace, the Play Store, iOS App Store, or Amazon Marketplace.

They also offer physical and digital goods. There’s nothing to discuss in this article since Amazon is among the largest technology companies in the world, and there’s no reason why you wouldn’t be thinking about this partnership.

2. Click Dealer.


A global performance marketing agency. The characteristic well-known of this business is its capacity to concentrate on direct connections with advertisers to get more favorable conditions for its publishing partners. They also have gatherings for their loyal customers and partners. Also, it provides the latest offers which are not more than one week older.

3. Yaghoobi.


A mobile-based advertising company which is extremely interesting. The object that types it captivating is also a game publication business. While it’s similar to that, it is home to hundreds of app creators from around the globe. It can serve more than 2 billion ads every day by 1000+ apps. They also have an incredibly high fill rate!

4. Adulate.


This is one of the most successful affiliate networks and is trusted by major advertisers and market leaders. Affiliate fully integrates with the top affiliate trackers and other tools. With this platform, you can get weekly approvals and flexible payment methods.

5. Mob beat.


A mobile performance marketing company. It aids the app is getting its traffic monetized. Additionally, ads are available to all users as well. This way, they’ll get many visitors and eCPM frequently on their sites. The feature comes with various optimization tools that will ensure excellent performance for ads.

6. Mpire Network.


It is a business that provides performance-based advertising and can assist all mobile app marketers in providing their users with high-quality services. It is responsible for generating more than 6 billion data points each daily. In this way, better performance of your campaigns is ensured.

  1. Mobius.

It is a significant marketing agency that focuses on mobile-based performance. The company has concerned many more originators online that they have received an excellent standing. They offer all their publishers extremely high ECPM rates.

8. Bitter Strawberry.


A monetization, optimization, and tracking tool for the traffic specifically designed to work on smartphones. It integrates and tests mobile marketing campaigns to be capable of creating optimized funnels for each media buyer, affiliate, or online publisher.

  1. Gatha.

With over 400,000 downloads and connections, Gotha is a quality affiliate network that highest excellence leads. For new subscribers, you’ll enjoy close to 60% retention and 55 percent of DOIs.

10. Mundo Media.


One is the mobile-based performance marketing network found online. It offers all its users a mobile experience that will match CPA services. The offers will provide monetization keys for traffic and Smart Link suggestions to their websites. These are individuals who have experience in their field.

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